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     Altered Realities is a virtual reality ('VR') arcade. Put on a VR headset, pick up a pair of controllers, and become immersed in any one of over 24 different virtual games and experiences! All our stations have a menu of games, and you can change to any game you want at any time with the press of a button.

     You will have a 10'x10' area in which to move around in - spin about, tumble, do what you want, you won't trip over a cable and our friendly staff will guide you when needed. Our stations are in groups of 4, so people can play together without having to shout over a wall, for instance. Each station has a monitor outside, so your friends can watch you and encourage you while you play.

     We make it easy and fun to play, and our multiplayer games let you and your friends link up and play together! Don't worry if you've never done this before - most people haven't, this is ground-breaking technology! If you are not a gamer, we have Google Earth and other VR experiences for you to explore at your own pace.

     There's a beverage cooler and pre-packaged snacks here, and tables to sit at, hang out and watch people game while you relax. If you plan your outing, you won't have to wait for a station. Book online or call us to schedule your visit for best results. We love walk-in customers, though you may have to wait if we're especially busy. The classic arcade games "Dig Dug" and "TRON" are here and are set to free play!

     Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Winning lottery numbers? Let us know!